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install method

		Hi all! :)

i am a passive reader of this mailing list for a long time now, yesterday
i finally began to install the hurd on one of my machines. but what 
bothers me, is the fact that there is no "fully"-automatic install script
for the hurd.

allthough i am not a very good programer or script writer i am willing to
write one.

some questions at the beginning:
-is it possible to boot the hurd from lilo ?
-why can the hurd flag for the fs not be used ?
-there are some people working on an install method for the hurd i think,
 so i would like to know what they are doing and/or thinking.

so my idea is an install script for debian/gnu/linux users for the
beginning... in order to get more attention from those people...
to get something like hurd_installer.deb

so what i want to do with that script:

*ask for a partition to install the hurd on (& a possibility to run fdisk
 or cfdisk)
    -run mke2fs on it with the necessary flags
*use Marcus' script to download & install the necessary files...
    -check /etc/apt/sources.list for the optimal debian mirror or ask for
*install the grub in the mbr & reading /etc/lilo.conf in order to keep the
 right configuration
*check the network configuration in order to write a little script which
 is executed after reboot that start the network under the hurd.

    niklas aka assgrass

P.S.: i was really, really tired while writing this, so please excuse any

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