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Re: Hurd boot-floppies "C"

>>>>> Philip Charles writes:

 PC> I have prepared a new set of Hurd boot-floppies and they are
 PC> sitting in a tar.bz2 file of 42 MB.  There is no documentation
 PC> included and the 1.2 floppies are omitted.  The file is small
 PC> enough for me to upload somewhere.  Is anyone interested?

Very interested, thanks.

 PC> IMHO, it is worth considering placing these on the Debian mirror
 PC> despite the "purity" issue, however there will need to be some
 PC> discussion about this.  As I am stuck in the New Maintainer's
 PC> pipeline I cannot do anything about it at the moment.

If nobody else steps forward, I'm a maintainer, and would be happy to
help this get onto a mirror.  As you suggest, though, I'll wait for
further discussion.

My own opinion is that this is a step closer to native Hurd boot
floppies.  Once we can get the changes to the programs accepted for
installing the Hurd, then we can work on getting the programs changed
to run on the Hurd.

In any event, these floppies make it cleaner for installing the Hurd
on a spare machine.

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Committed to freedom and diversity \// I use GNU (http://www.gnu.org/)

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