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Hurd boot-floppies "C"

I have prepared a new set of Hurd boot-floppies and they are sitting in a
tar.bz2 file of 42 MB.  There is no documentation included and the 1.2
floppies are omitted.  The file is small enough for me to upload
somewhere.  Is anyone interested?

The main change is in the installation menu where inappropriate options
have been removed, eg, the network/ftp installation option is gone as the
installation ram-disk is still Linux.

IMHO, it is worth considering placing these on the Debian mirror despite
the "purity" issue, however there will need to be some discussion about
this.  As I am stuck in the New Maintainer's pipeline I cannot do anything
about it at the moment.

I have worked out how to make the source available in a space saving way
and I will be sorting this out over the next couple of days. 

I hope to look at the CD after this.  A considerable amount of work needs
to be done to make certain that everything works and I will probably get
onto this next week.  This will be quite a long job and will need
coordination between Hurd hackers and CD builders.


Philip Charles; 39a Paterson St., Abbotsford, New Zealand; +64 3 4882818
Mobile 025 267 9420.  I sell GNU/Linux CDs.   See http://www.copyleft.co.nz

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