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Re: Hurd boot-floppies "C"

On 25 Oct 2000, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

> Very interested, thanks.
>  PC> IMHO, it is worth considering placing these on the Debian mirror
>  PC> despite the "purity" issue, however there will need to be some
>  PC> discussion about this.  As I am stuck in the New Maintainer's
>  PC> pipeline I cannot do anything about it at the moment.
> If nobody else steps forward, I'm a maintainer, and would be happy to
> help this get onto a mirror.  As you suggest, though, I'll wait for
> further discussion.
> My own opinion is that this is a step closer to native Hurd boot
> floppies.  Once we can get the changes to the programs accepted for
> installing the Hurd, then we can work on getting the programs changed
> to run on the Hurd.
Here here

> In any event, these floppies make it cleaner for installing the Hurd
> on a spare machine.

That is the whole idea. Get something that works to start with. Getting
boot-floppies changed over to Hurd will be more difficult and will need to
be done by a team of Hurd hackers and not by a disc vendor.

I have in mind a mini CD which will only contain the base installation.
This should be small enough for me to upload to where ever.  This whould
be for people who do not want to use floppies.  Do you think that this
would be a good idea?


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