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Re: ssh success

Marcus Brinkmann <Marcus.Brinkmann@ruhr-uni-bochum.de> writes:

> By now, using dpkg-architecture unconditionally is fine... it exists long
> enough to make this feasible.

dpkg-dev (>= is reportedly build-essential today, and
dpkg-architecture was introduced before that. No problem here.

> Please do so. The correct thing to do is:
> DEB_HOST_ARCH = $(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH)
> a = $(DEB_HOST_ARCH)
> or, better, replace all currences of $(a) with $(DEB_HOST_ARCH).
> This is necessary to get make variables vs environment variables to
> work properly.

Ok, I updated my patch and sent it to the Debian maintainer.
> Thanks. But please also add a rule to Configure for vanilla Hurd, without
> Debian. We want to make sure it works without running the Debian scripts,
> too.

This should go directly upstream, I think.

> The --print-architecture stuff is dead, although prominently used. It's all
> in the packaging manual and dpkg-architecture(1).

I've found it in the DPM now ... it's always good to have a holy
manual to hit the infidels with. Still, I wonder why
--print-architecture doesn't spew big, ugly warnings by now.

> > I hope we can lay dpkg 1.6.999 to rest, soon...
> You can go back to dpkg or so, which is still at ftp.debian.org....
> *evil smile*

Oh, that's only a year old. I was more hoping for a 1.7 that had all the
hurd fixes included.

BTW, ssh wants PAM too (but works without), so I tried to compile
that. Halfway through I became doubtful whether a straight port of
linux-pam makes sense. Is it compatible with the Hurd's way of doing
things? I'm not sure, so I stopped working on that.

> >   libgtk1.2: Depends: gconv-modules but it is not installable
> Eh, just force it and try to build the gnome stuff.

Will use the force,


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