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Re: XFree86 4.0.1 works!

Steve Bowman <sbowman@frostwork.net> writes:

> Umm.  This driver has at least one really annoying bug.  Since this is
> X-related instead of hurd-related, [...]

I don't quite agree here. I think the kernel should be responsible for
cleaning up after processes. We don't rely on processes closing all
their files and freeing all their memory, either. So, even if X
crashes hard, the console should restore to the state it was before.

I know that Linux doesn't get this right either (how do the BSDs do
it?). I know that this is not so easy on crappy "designed for
Winblows" PC hardware, but I think a solution that works in 90 % of
the cases is conceivable.

The Hurd IMHO has a better position than monolithic kernels in this
respect, I think.


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