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Re: favourite crashes - and workarounds

> 1. Apt To Crash
> The symptoms are always the same: apt-get install/source will output
> its first line "Reading Package Lists" and then everything stops.
> apt-cache can also cause this (no output in this case). I strongly
> suspect that accessing the package information cache is the problem,
> but I'm at a loss how this can kill vital parts of the system. Note
> that this does not usually happen the first time apt is used, but more
> like the 10th to 15th time. Issuing the exact same command after a
> reboot will normally work perfectly.

What version is this? (Of apr and hurd).

> 2. The Mad Translator
> Quite often in the course of a hurd session, one of the translators
> will run wild. "ps AF hurd" will show quickly increasing memory
> consumption and a rising "Th" (I guess that's for threads) number. The
> machine starts to thrash, becoming unresponsive, and if you're not
> fast enough with identifying and killing the problematic process,
> you'll run out of swap ... Sometimes the hurd will kill the problem
> child itself and the situation normalizes again, but usually
> collateral damage will enforce a reboot anyway. pflocal and term seem
> to be the special culprits, but this could be because they are the
> most heavily used.

How much swap do you have; try adding more?


Neal H Walfield
University of Massachusetts at Lowell
neal@walfield.org or neal@cs.uml.edu

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