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Re: favourite crashes - and workarounds


Robert Bihlmeyer schrieb:
> 1. Apt To Crash
> The symptoms are always the same: apt-get install/source will output
> its first line "Reading Package Lists" and then everything stops.
> apt-cache can also cause this (no output in this case). I strongly
> suspect that accessing the package information cache is the problem,
> but I'm at a loss how this can kill vital parts of the system. Note
> that this does not usually happen the first time apt is used, but more
> like the 10th to 15th time. Issuing the exact same command after a
> reboot will normally work perfectly.

I reported that problem several times, and finaly gave up on the
hurd because of this. For me apt doesn't work a single time,
dselect with dpkg-ftp crashes as well and if I turn on the
machine and go for a cup of coffee it hangs by the time I come
back (this really happened).

Should anybody be interested in the circumstances of the
crashes, tell me what you want to know and how to get that info
(ie commands to run), and I'll give it another try. Since I
don't know any C I can't do anything about it myself.

ciao, 2ri
Wer hat behauptet, das Leben sei fair?

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