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Re: XFree86 4.0.1 works!


Marcus Brinkmann schrieb:
> 3. xdm deletes LD_LIBRARY_PATH from the environment, which means that
>    it can't start other X processes. Setting the following in
>    /etc/X11/xdm-config works around that, but might be a security risk(?):
>    DisplayManager.exportList: LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>    Could also be fixed with rpath, which conflicts with Debian policy.

Policy version doesn't contain the rpath limitation
anymore (in 3.1 (the one in potato) using rpath is still
discouraged AFAIK). Frankly, there is no point in having a
almost 100% elf distribution and _not_ using rpath ...

ciao, 2ri
"Never" is almost always earlier than you think.

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