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Re: New

> On Sun, Oct 22, 2000 at 01:47:47PM -0200, ColdWater wrote:
> > After that I'll read out the faqs, docs, manuals and some other stuff
> > can be useful to figure out what's going on with those bugs on tar.
> > I'll move around the code and see what I can do. (first at linux, then
> > hurd)
> That's a good idea. Translators can be stores and read under Linux as
> but under the Hurd it is moreimportant, and there is an interface to do it
> for a "mounted" partition (under linux, you frob the fs directly). So, the
> tar feture would be hurd specific.
My "study" on that will begin with the tar under linux. I'll check out how
it works (with the source) and how some possible improvements can be done.
(if so) Then I'll move it to hurd and........

> The idea is that a translator is stored like a long link name in tar, but
> course detected and handled differently. Basicall, it is a string related
> an inode. We also need some options to fine tune it (store translator
> setttings or enter the file/directory provided by the translator).
> But get yourself familiar with the translator concept first (the debian
> page has a link to a doc I wrote on translators).
Yep...maybe that's what I need. I'll check it out, to see if I get more
confortable with the translator concept.

> It's also useful for people to follow and be up to date. you pick up the
> => it's yours :) Keep us up to date with your progress, so we can pad your
> shoulder on the way :)

> Thanks,
> Marcus
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