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Re: New

>>>>> "NHW" == Neal H Walfield <neal@cs.uml.edu> writes:

 "ColdWater" <coldwater@uol.com.br> writes:

    >> I started programming in C++ almost 4 years ago (under
    >> MS-DOS). Most of my experience on it is realted to
    >> compression/encryption programs (which I love!). 'cause of that
    >> I was looking aroud the list to see if it was possible for me
    >> to begin my contribution to the project by trying something
    >> related to that (like tar or gzip). Unfortunatelly both tar and
    >> gzip seems to be already tested. Yet, is there anything that I
    >> could do to help in the tar/gzip packages, or they are "already
    >> prepared to the Hurd" (docs, manual, etc.)?

    NHW> At the moment, tar does not understand translators.  If you
    NHW> could get this working (under both the hurd and gnu/linux),
    NHW> that would be great.

    NHW> Additionally, executing compressed executables goes not work
    NHW> at the moment (it appears to be a bug in the exec server),
    NHW> you could also check that out.

	And a some sort of crypt (file as?) filesystem translator
      would be nice. 



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