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Re: New


I'll be taking a look at the how-tos in the www.linuxdocs.com site, so I can
get some things up to date. (like some libs on the Linux C/C++ programming
which i'm not used to work with).
After that I'll read out the faqs, docs, manuals and some other stuff that
can be useful to figure out what's going on with those bugs on tar. Then,
I'll move around the code and see what I can do. (first at linux, then on

As you can see i'm also sending a copy of this message to the list. I'm
doing this to "ask" the list if I can do that.
Let's see the answer...

Thank you,

Custodio, L. C.

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> > I started programming in C++ almost 4 years ago (under MS-DOS). Most of
> > experience on it is realted to compression/encryption programs (which I
> > love!). 'cause of that I was looking aroud the list to see if it was
> > possible for me to begin my contribution to the project by trying
> > related to that (like tar or gzip). Unfortunatelly both tar and gzip
> > to be already tested. Yet, is there anything that I could do to help in
> > tar/gzip packages, or they are "already prepared to the Hurd" (docs,
> > etc.)?
> At the moment, tar does not understand translators.  If you could get
> this working (under both the hurd and gnu/linux), that would be great.
> Additionally, executing compressed executables goes not work at the
> moment (it appears to be a bug in the exec server), you could also check
> that out.
> -Neal
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> Neal H Walfield
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