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Plans for X

Marcus, so what _is_ the plan now with X on hurd.  A few days ago, I saw
a bit of discussion between you and Branden on debian-x that didn't sound
too promising.  I did a bit of digging at his home on samosa and what
I saw confirmed my original idea of his plan - that the 3.3.6 servers
will continue to support the old cards.  However, I also see that support
for new cards is already being stripped.  I didn't do a very exhaustive
search, but his comment about 3.3.6 as known on potato being dead seems
very true for the 3.3.6 packages already set to go into woody when 4.x
is rolled into woody.

Are you still negotiating for 3.3.6 with patches for hurd to stay, maybe
looking at a (temporary) fork, planning to rework your patches for 4.x,
or do you have other alternatives?  Any chance of getting cooperation
from upstream to write hurd support in upstream or do they expect patches
from the hurd community to get the porting done?


Steve Bowman  <sbowman@frostwork.net> (preferred)
Buckeye, AZ   <sbowman@goodnet.com> <bowmanc@acm.org>

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