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Re: cross-install problems

David Neary <dneary@informix.com> writes:

> Anyway, all seemed to be going swimmingly, but at the end of
> cross-install I got loads of errors along the lines of (actually,
> exactly along the lines of)
> dpkg: `ldconfig' not found on PATH
> Any ideas what's going wrong? Do I need to do a reboot to finish the
> install?

After cross-install ran, you have to reboot into the hurd. You're not
running native-install under RedHat by mistake, are you?

> Are these types of errors normal?

No. The section of dpkg that raises this kind of errors should never
get active in the unpack phase. You could "cd /mnt/gnu" and then try
".../dpkg-hurd --unpack .../partial/ae_*.deb" manually (change the ...
paths to point to where you downloaded those things).


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