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Re: fd0 crash fixed in CVS

Rene Rebe <rene.rebe@myokay.net> writes:

> I tryed to boot the Hurd system delivered on the FreeX 4'00 CD. It
> stops after printing. "fd0: is a post-1991 ...." (or something like
> this). I don't have any floppy-drive in my box (who need such old
> stuff ;-)??)
> Have I triggered the bug mentioned above? Will it help to use a newer
> kernel?

It would be a good bet. The surest thing for you though, would be to
build your own gnumach with just the necessary drivers enabled.
Instructions for cross-compiling can be gleaned from this list's
archives (or is there a nice webpage somewhere??).

FWIW, my hardware had problems with a the eatadma scsi driver, and
still the last message was about fd0 (I have a floppy). So the floppy
driver is not /necessarily/ the culprit.


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