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Ask Slashdot: HURD For 'Big Iron'?

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   Ask Slashdot: HURD For 'Big Iron'? 
   News Posted by Cliff on
   Wednesday October 18, @07:18AM
   from the stuff-to-think-about dept.
   Julian Stoev wrote in with this query: "Recently I've seen quite a
   lot of conversation about Linux on 'big iron' and talk about a
   possible fork due to the fact that the Powers That Be do not want
   to include the necessary features that are necessary. A guy from
   IBM in an interview sounds a little desperate. He sounds like IBM
   is not very happy with Linux's direction to small devices. The guy
   is cautious not to make kernel people angry and does not speak
   directly about kernel fork. But why don't they (IBM, SGI, et al)
   grab HURD and add to it all the things they find important for
   'big iron' support?"
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