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Re: SOLVED: bootstrap: panic: ... invalid IO size

On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 12:33:51PM +0200, Robert Bihlmeyer wrote:
> Marc Singer <elf@relay8.Austria.EU.net> writes:
> > The numbering is still strange as this device is *still* numbered
> > hd2 even though there are no other IDE hard drives in the machine.
> Is it possible that this device is a master on the second IDE channel?
> If your mobo has on-board IDE with two connectors ...

It is.

> [rant coming up]
> I think that the current naming system is confusing and incoherent.
> Why are ide disks on a fixed position, while scsi disks are always
> in a contiguous block sd0 to sdN?

According to the documentation, such is not the case.

> I strongly think the hurd should adopt a sane & simple convention and
> stick to that. Something like that comes to mind:
> hc0d1s3 would be slice (dos partition) 3 on disk 1 (slave) on ide
> channel 0 (primary). sc2i5l1s0 would be slice 0 of a device having id
> 5 and lun 1 on SCSI chain/channel 2. lun can be left out for those
> devices without it. Leaving out the slice means the whole device.
> Today, sticking to mach tradition is the most straight-forward
> solution. But what if we use a different µkernel with yet another
> bizarre scheme in the future?
> Just my meagre .02 Euro
> -- 
> Robbe

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