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bootstrap: panic: ... invalid IO size

I'm installing the Hurd on one of my machines.  On two of them, I'm
receiving the same message when the kernel appears to be attempting to
mount the root filesystem.

  boostrap: panic: /dev/hd2s3//hurd/ext2.static (OS/device) invalid IO size

The install was easy as long as I followed the instructions
carefully. However, I noticed a couple of anomolies during the boot

The first machine I attempted to install on has a bad, on-board IDE
controller.  I'm using a promise controller which may be an ATA66.  I
added a second drive for all of this, so I expected it to be hd1, but
it was consistently recognized as hd5.  Zero through three are (I'm
guessing here) being reserved by what should be two onboard
IDE controllers.  I found that the kernel would load, but I got the
above message with a different drive number.

I turned to the mailing list to find someone having problems with an
ATA66 controller, so I moved the hard drive to another machine.  This
one has only one IDE drive.  The primary controller is being used for
a CD ROM, so I put this drive on the secondard controller as master.

It took some fiddling, but I use the root= command to determine that
this drive was called hd1.  It must think that hd0 is the SCSI drive
because the BIOS is configured to boot to the SCSI controller.  I
found the kernel using root=hd1s3.  Then, when the kernel booted, it
didn't like that, so I tried hd2s3 and received the above message.

Is this a message printed when I refer to a non-existent device?  

I checked that the ext2 partition has the correct ID and was built
with the sparse_super option.

Help will be appreciated.

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