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Re: bootstrap: panic: ... invalid IO size

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 12:09:01AM -0700, Marc Singer wrote:
> I'm installing the Hurd on one of my machines.  On two of them, I'm
> receiving the same message when the kernel appears to be attempting to
> mount the root filesystem.
>   boostrap: panic: /dev/hd2s3//hurd/ext2.static (OS/device) invalid IO size
> The install was easy as long as I followed the instructions
> carefully. However, I noticed a couple of anomolies during the boot
> process.  
> [snip]
> It took some fiddling, but I use the root= command to determine that
> this drive was called hd1.  It must think that hd0 is the SCSI drive
> because the BIOS is configured to boot to the SCSI controller.  I
> found the kernel using root=hd1s3.  Then, when the kernel booted, it
> didn't like that, so I tried hd2s3 and received the above message.

You got this error trying hd2s3 but you found the kernel on hd1s3?
What was the problem with hd1s3?

Also, can I assume you created the partition with -O sparse_super -o
hurd since you "followed the instructions carefully"?  :-)

> Is this a message printed when I refer to a non-existent device?  

Looks like a good guess.

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