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SOLVED: bootstrap: panic: ... invalid IO size

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 01:24:42PM -0700, Steve Bowman wrote:
> > According to the documentation, the first hard drive, no matter what
> > else is in the system, is named hd0.  The third partition (slice) on
> > this device would be hd0s3.
> Well, I don't have a SCSI device to check, but as I read in the Easy
> Guide, grub would know the third partition on the first SCSI drive as
> (hd0,2) (assuming you have no IDE drive on the system) but hurd would
> know the same partition by sd0s3 (vice hd0s3).

Yes.  According to the documentation, that would be correct.  On my
systems, it isn't.

> > According to GRUB, there is no hd0s3.  It does find hd1s3 to have the
> > correct signatures, partition type and fs type.  I suspect that the
> > BIOS may be lying about the devices so that it can boot the SCSI
> > disk.  
> The grub 'find' command is useful (e.g., find /boot/gnumach.gz).  IIRC,
> it'll return the grub name of the partition.  It'll probably return the
> one you expect; it looks like the problem is getting the right hurd name
> for the kernel command.

Cool.  Thanks for the tip.

> I'm not sure what to make of this.  Perhaps it's trying to read a real
> device like the cdrom instead of a non-existent device so the error
> _should_ be different.

Here's the scoop.  I reinstalled from the second machine using the
same steps as the first time.  It booted OK.  So, it's running
multi-user, booting from a GRUB floppy.  The numbering is still
strange as this device is *still* numbered hd2 even though there are
no other IDE hard drives in the machine.


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