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Re: XFree86 3.3.6-10

> > (4) Now that X runs successfully, will OpenGL compile under the hurd?

    I tried to compile OpenGL (Mesa-3.2.1) and it works.    I removed
only one "#undef SHM" in
Mesa-3.2.1/conf.h.in and compiled with ./configure and make. It  is also
possible to compile
without removing of SHM definition, but future attempts to compile
anything with  fail with error "undefined reference to  'XShm....' with
correctly. Configure script of Mesa writes "#define SHM 1",
but i found in /gnu/X11R6/lib/X11/config/gnu.cf:
    XCOMM Not implemented and will always fail.
    XCOMM Linking would work, but I am not sure if X will deal with a
    XCOMM working Shm properly.
    #define HasShm   NO
So i think it was not false to remove Shared Memory support from OpenGL
on Hurd, isn't it?

 Glut-3.7 works also, but i compiled shared libraries manually in
glut-3.7/lib/glut with gcc -shared ... 
-Wl,soname -Wl,libglut.so.3 *.o -o libglut.so.3 after normal build with
./mkmkfiles.imake and make
produced only libglut.a.
  Examples are working well.

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