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Re: bootstrap: panic: ... invalid IO size

On Sat, 14 Oct 2000, Marc Singer wrote:

> It took some fiddling, but I use the root= command to determine that
> this drive was called hd1.  It must think that hd0 is the SCSI drive
> because the BIOS is configured to boot to the SCSI controller.  I
> found the kernel using root=hd1s3.  Then, when the kernel booted, it
> didn't like that, so I tried hd2s3 and received the above message.

I had a similar problem with a cdrom being recognised as hd2 instead of
hd1.  The only HDD is the master on the first ide (hd0) and the cdrom
master on the the second.  I expected the cdrom to be hd1, but it wasn't. 


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