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Re: installing HURD debs from Linux?

On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 07:21:00PM -0500, Daniel E. Baumann wrote:
> Alright, I've got a sensible solution now although it would be nice to cross
> install from Linux. After installing the debs from alpha by hand apt now works
> and so does aptitude under Linux using the custom apt.conf. I still have to
> install from the HURD using dpkg or dselect :( .

This is better I think since I can't imagine the postinsts and stuff
working correctly running a linux version of some code when you want it
to do something hurdish (remember that some binaries have been changed
to do the "correct thing" on hurd).  Besides, some postinsts may refer
to things by path which'll be broken.  In general, I think you're much
safer sticking with native installs of deb packages.  This was why I
was recommending apt to download only from the linux side.  Don't know
why you can't use apt on the hurd side to install your downloaded files
though once the conflicts are resolved.  Seems like it should work....


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