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Re: installing HURD debs from Linux?

Well after I changes my sources.list to point at alpha.gnu.org along with a
debian mirror bsdutils now wants to be upgraded. I can select gcc and download
the debs using aptitude and it wants to upgrade bsdutils, dpkg, and gnumach.
It however will not install them (I figure it wouldn't). Is there some way
that could get aptitude (apt still bitches about the sysvinit dependency not
bening met) to call dpkg with --root=/gnu and get it to cross install? I'm
gonna do some digging and see if I can come up with a solution, but if anyone
has any idea I'd appreciate it. BTW, how are you guys getting apt to work
under the HURD if there are all these unmet dependencies? 

Couldn't I install the HURD apt deb and have apt from use the archives
cache that I have set up on Linux using that apt.conf file that someone gave
me (sorry, I forgot who it was). I do have the debs downloaded but they are
in the archives directory in that funky apt-like form with the %'s in the
file names (like for example gcc_1%3a2.95.2-14_hurd-i386.deb). Maybe this
is not import and I should just dp dpkg -i from the HURD.

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