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Re: installing HURD debs from Linux?

> This is better I think since I can't imagine the postinsts and stuff
> working correctly running a linux version of some code when you want it
> to do something hurdish (remember that some binaries have been changed
> to do the "correct thing" on hurd).  Besides, some postinsts may refer
> to things by path which'll be broken.  In general, I think you're much
> safer sticking with native installs of deb packages.  This was why I
> was recommending apt to download only from the linux side.  Don't know
> why you can't use apt on the hurd side to install your downloaded files
> though once the conflicts are resolved.  Seems like it should work....

I guess I am happy with using apt or aptitude from Linux and then installing
with dpkg, it works out pretty good. The reason I am not using apt from HURD
(which I did mention way back in this thread) is because this is on my laptop
and I only have a Linksys pcmcia combo card so no internet for the HURD :(.

Thanks to all who have helped and special thanks for the guy that gave me
that apt.conf file (you know who you are).

I am now going to let this thread die an honorable death. 

Thanks again,

Daniel E. Baumann
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      -- Dave Olson

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