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Re: Another installation report -was- (quite long)

>> > The first thing I noticed was that, when I use Ctrl-Alt-Esc to get
>> > VMware to relinquish keyboard focus, or when I hit various other
>> > modifier-key combinations, I get one of the following errors on my Hurd
>> > console:
>> > 
>> >   kd_setleds1: unexpected state (1)
>> >   kd_setleds1: unexpected state (2)
>> Seems to be a Mach thing. You could check the keyboard translation code.
>> (the Mach console and keyboard codes are a bit weird, and not complete.)

 This doesn't seem to be unusuall.
 Though I haven't tried ( and don't recomend it ) much the same effect
 should be obtained by simply unplugging the keyboard from a running PC,
 since this is exactly what you're doing under VMWare with the escape sequence.

 I see it too, and expect the rest of us attempting VMWare also see it, but I didn't
 consider this relevent to the Hurd, since it is caused strictly by VMware.
 I also suspect "other systems" also see this error, but don't report it.


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