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Re: GNU/Hurd FAQ [was: Re: more hurd problems]

Guy's Account wrote:

> > p.s. who owns the GNU/Hurd FAQ? I want to mail them about partition types.

Please copy anything related to the FAQ (which may be found at
http://www.corridor.com/~sfavor/debian-gnu-hurd-faq) to

> I think the partition type stuff is already documented somewhere --- possibly
> in the Grub documentation.

There is some information about partitions at
http://www.serv.net/~sand/hurd/partitions.html, which is referenced in the FAQ.
This information is no longer being maintained by its author.  It would be good
if someone reviewed it and made any necessary corrections.  If someone does this,
please inform me and I will incorporate this directly into the FAQ.

> As far as the GNU/Hurd FAQ goes, I'm willing (eager) to work on it if whoever
> owns it wants to give it up.  I'm familiar with most documentation material
> that can be found by following links from www.gnu.org.

Currently, I'm maintaining FAQs for both GNU Hurd and the Debian GNU Hurd
Distributions.  Any reviews and corrections of those documents would be
appreciated.  If you think you have significant changes to contribute, send me
EMAIL and we'll figure out a way for both of us to work on it.  It's currently
under CVS, so access should be doable.

Another way to help out in this area would be to write HOWTO documents.  I like
to maintain a list of HOWTOish documents in the FAQs for quick reference.
There's no formal index at present, but it I get enough links, I'll add one.

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