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Re: more hurd problems


>>>>> M C Vernon writes:

 >> Matthew, all your partition names were fine *except* for the
 >> location of the paging file.  /dev/hd1b refers to the second
 >> BSD-style partiton on the second hard disk.  /dev/hd1s2 refers to
 >> the second fdisk-style partition on the second hard disk (your
 >> Hurd swap partiton).

 MCV> So when (if at all) do I use the BSD-style ones?

Only if you already have some *BSD system installed, and used it to
partition your disk.  All the BSD's use a different kind of
partitioning scheme: you divide an fdisk'ed ``slice'' into BSD

So, sd0s1b refers to the BSD `b' partition within slice 1.  sd0b is
only a valid partition when you don't have any fdisk'ed slices on your
hard drive.

In other words, if you're not using a BSD system (i.e. you're using
only Linux or the Hurd), you should totally ignore the whole idea of
BSD slices, because they just add confusion.

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