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Re: more hurd problems

On 14 Nov 1998, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

> Hi!
> Matthew, all your partition names were fine *except* for the location
> of the paging file.  /dev/hd1b refers to the second BSD-style partiton
> on the second hard disk.  /dev/hd1s2 refers to the second fdisk-style
> partition on the second hard disk (your Hurd swap partiton).

So when (if at all) do I use the BSD-style ones?
> If you change your servers.boot line to:
> # default pager
> /dev/hd1s2 $(add-paging-file) $(default-pager)



<fx: mental note - when this is done I'm going to write an idiots guide to
putting hurd on a linux box>

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