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My status report

Hi all. I've got myself a fully functional GNU-0.2 system (as per the
gnu-0.2 binary release), and I'd really like to help out in porting debian
stuff over to the hurd. My GNU/Linux system is not debian, and I have no
experience at all with development of .deb packages, but i'm in the
process of reading all the docs on the debian documentation project.

I have a fully functional native gcc-2.7 on my hurd partition with which
to work. Will the deb tools compile on hurd at this stage? If not, what's
broken? I'm willing to help dig out bugs in the deb tool sources, or in
the source of the packages depended on by them.

Another quick qn: Is it safe to replace the binaries from the gnu-0.2
package with those of the ghhk? I was first running ghhk, but later
decided to replace it with the official gnu-0.2 distribution so that i
could use the time i would have spend cross-compiling everything to get a
useful system more effectively working on things that need to get done for
the future of the debian hurd project.

Also: I noticed a comment on Marcus' page that the latest GNUMach
snapshots don't compile... is this still true? What is the latest
post-1.1.3 version of gnumach that's usable?

In any case, this is mainly just a note to let people know i'm out here
and ready to help this thing move.

Take care,

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