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Re: Hmm...more hurd probs

On 14 Nov 1998, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:

> Hi!

> >>>>> M C Vernon writes:
>  MCV> To explain - hda4 is my linux partition (though it is the second
>  MCV> on the disk - go figure), but trying to mount hd0a thro hd0d
>  MCV> produces the same effect :(
> Again, if you're using hda4, that translates into Mach hd0s4, *not*
> hd0d.

Ugh! where _did_ I get hd0d from? duh!
>  MCV> Also will installing GRUB from floppy screw my lilo setup (which
>  MCV> is on hda), or will that be safe? and I guess I need to change
>  MCV> lilo to let me boot /dev/hdb1 as well....

<to anyone else reading>I still don't know about this....

>  MCV> can I just copy /etc/passwd from the linux partition (uses
>  MCV> shadow passwords)?
> The Hurd doesn't know shadow passwords yet, so you'll have to merge
> them back into the passwd file if you want to login to one of those
> accounts.

Does that mean that I would have to run my linux box w'out shadow
passwords? and isn't that a bit of a security hole?
And if it's OK to do, how do I do that and turn shadowing off?


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