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Re: Helping out with debian/hurd

When Sat, Nov 07, 1998 at 01:39:18PM -0500 was now, John Tobey wrote:

> Tim Moran <tmoran@gbonline.com> wrote:
> > Microsoft until I had to use it myself.
> Brother, I am with you.  :)
> Unfortunately, I think "college" generally means *protection* from
> Windoze that's absent in the "real world".  I came to Linux from a
> Windows background (before Win95 - double yuck) and have not managed
> to completely shake it for diverse reasons:

We are pretty much forced to participate in running MS software at our
university (Simon Fraser, Burnaby, BC)  It is true that there are some
options that offer protection that might not be there in the "real
world", but there are more and more labs popping up every semester,
mostly running NT or MacOS.


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