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Linux binaries on HURD

			Hello, collegues!

	I am just a Linux fan and user and (slightly) programmer. Plese do
not forget the _MAIN_ goal of HURD to be alive!!!

Linux binaries and driver modules MUST BE runnig atop Debian GNU/HURD
system on the same hardware architecture.

And Linux program and module code sources MUST BE runnig after simple
re-compilation on the different hardware architecture.

So Debian GNU/HURD MUST NOT differ at all compared to Debian GNU/Linux for
'external user'. It's a wrong way to port packages such as make, tar, etc.
from Linux to HURD. Instead you have to create environment that couldn't
be distinguished from Linux by any Linux packages, programs or modules!

Also it is very important now since there are hard real time extentions
for Windows NT to build in the same RT feature into HURD kernel. As I know
mach microkernel is quite useful for real time (RT) os development. Note
you need true real time feature allowed for example for some type of
modules (servers). Linux RT scheduling is not sufficient since non-RT
applications could slow-down RT applications during i/o and/or interrupt
handling for non-RT programs.

Plese accept opinion mentioned above, it's so IMPORTANT for your

Sincerely yours,

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