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Re: Linux binaries on HURD

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Grigorio V. Moshkin wrote:

> [...]
> So Debian GNU/HURD MUST NOT differ at all compared to Debian GNU/Linux for
> 'external user'. It's a wrong way to port packages such as make, tar, etc.
> from Linux to HURD. Instead you have to create environment that couldn't
> be distinguished from Linux by any Linux packages, programs or modules!

And who said otherwise? :-)

There exist already a common environment for GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd.
It's called glibc2 (i.e. GNU libc, version 2).

Since, by this time, all current GNU/Linux distributions (Debian, Red-Hat,
etc.) are already based in glibc2 (a.k.a. libc6), porting things to
GNU/Hurd is already easy.

BTW: Maybe this is just a little misunderstanding, but we are not
"porting" make, tar, etc. "from Linux" to Hurd. For now, we are just
recompiling the Debian source packages for Hurd.

All the Debian source packages for GNU applications (like the ones
you mentioned: make, tar, etc.) are based on the GNU source
packages, they just differ in minor things, but the modifications are
almost always portable enough. (We have reports that many Debian packages
do even compile under Solaris :-).

So don't worry, we expect that GNU/Hurd not to differ too much from

Binary compatibility with Linux is also in the todo list for GNU/Hurd.
(So you will be able to run Linux binaries without even recompiling
them), but we need volunteers, since this is a difficult task ;-)


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