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Re: I want to try HURD


>>>>> Marcus Brinkmann writes:

 >>  I'm trying to put together a glibc-2.1 package for Debian
 >> GNU/Hurd, and when that's finished we should gain a lot more
 >> momentum.

 MB> Gordon, I didn't knew that! We should coordinate our efforts,
 MB> I've access to libc CVS and wanted to start on the Debian
 MB> package, too :) (Note that I have made the glibc2 2.0.4 package,
 MB> so we can work from that).

I've already submitted Hurd portability fixes to the Debian glibc2
2.0.95 package maintainer, and they should be out in the next release
of that package (if they aren't already).  That way we don't have any
version skew with the Linux libc packages.

Mark Kettenis has forwarded me the patches he needed to make in order
to get 2.0.97 to work.

My plan was to use Mark's patches in the Debian glibc package until
they get merged upstream (i.e. into the official glibc-2.1 sources).

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