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Re: I want to try HURD

> My plan was to use Mark's patches in the Debian glibc package until
> they get merged upstream (i.e. into the official glibc-2.1 sources).

That sounds fine.  I remain the arbiter of "the right way" to do things in
libc for hurd, but I have had no time to deal with it.  When I get to the
libc hacking, I'll discuss it on libc-hacker and with Mark.  

There will probably be some shared library version problems between the
current intermediate states, your debian package state with Mark's patches,
and what I end up with for a "finished" glibc-2.1 hurd version.  But we can
just deal, and bump the numbers several times if need be.  With debian
packages set up, it should not be so bad to have to rebuild everything.

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