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Re: I want to try HURD


>>>>> Rafael Caetano dos Santos writes:

 RCdS> Hi, I'm a Debian user and I want to try HURD, but I don't want
 RCdS> to download the whole GNU-0.2 package -- it's too big.  I
 RCdS> downloaded Mach & HURD sources some months ago, but I have to
 RCdS> reconfigure gcc in order to cross-compile it, and I think it
 RCdS> would be a bit messy (maybe I'm wrong).

Yup, it's still pretty messy.

 RCdS> What should I do?

I'm trying to put together a glibc-2.1 package for Debian GNU/Hurd,
and when that's finished we should gain a lot more momentum.  That's
about the only Hurd-related thing I'm working on right now, but when
that part is done, I'm sure there'll be a worldwide sigh of relief. ;)

 RCdS> (BTW, it seems that there's a circularity in
 RCdS> www.gnu.org/software/hurd, which points to
 RCdS> www.fig.org/software/hurd, which points to www.gnu.org...)

Could you be more specific about the problem you see... I thought that
I've fixed all the circularities.


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