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Some naive questions

Well, I got the Hurd installed (using the GHHK), built a cross-compiler, 
rolled my own GNUMach  and Hurd kernels, and compiled a few packages. 
Now, with your indulgence, I'd like to ask a few naive questions:
1) At startup, GNUMach tries to run an irq probe on all my drives (and 
fails). Is this to be expected? It doesn't seem to cause any problems, 
but it is a bit disturbing.
Also related to startup: what switch can I use with gnumach on the GRUB 
command line?
2) Is it worthwhile to try and build a native compiler, or is the 
cross-compiler adequate in most cases?
3) I'm not planning on installing X anytime soon, but I am curious: 
given that I have a Linux partition on the same machine that is visible 
to the Hurd (or should be, once I figure out translators), can I share 
much of my existing X installation? And given that most people 
installing the Hurd at this time probably also have a Linux partition on 
the same machine, would it make sense to put together minimal versions 
of some of the bigger packages (e.g., X or Emacs) for people who can 
share the non-OS-specific parts from their Linux partitions?

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