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Re: Some naive questions


>>>>> James Gibson writes:

 JG> Well, I got the Hurd installed (using the GHHK), built a
 JG> cross-compiler, rolled my own GNUMach and Hurd kernels, and
 JG> compiled a few packages.

Congratulations! :)

I'll only answer the questions I know about...

 JG> 2) Is it worthwhile to try and build a native compiler, or is the
 JG> cross-compiler adequate in most cases?

Compiling packages natively is easier in general, and more of the
`configure' feature tests succeed (rather than falling back on
cross-compilation defaults), so you get software that performs better.

 JG> 3) I'm not planning on installing X anytime soon, but I am
 JG> curious: given that I have a Linux partition on the same machine
 JG> that is visible to the Hurd (or should be, once I figure out
 JG> translators), can I share much of my existing X installation?

Binaries aren't yet compatible, so about all you could share are your
resources and fonts.

 JG> And given that most people installing the Hurd at this time
 JG> probably also have a Linux partition on the same machine, would
 JG> it make sense to put together minimal versions of some of the
 JG> bigger packages (e.g., X or Emacs) for people who can share the
 JG> non-OS-specific parts from their Linux partitions?

I think it would be much more worthwhile to put energy into two other,
related projects:

1) Achieving binary compatibility: this is for glibc hackers to work
on making the Hurd glibc ABI a proper superset of the Linux ABI.

2) Porting Debian packages to the Hurd.  The next release of glibc
should work fine on the Hurd again, so once that happens we'll be in
good shape.

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