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Re: exec cannot execute gzip file

>   At first, I'm sorry that I was short-tempered. But, any comment like
> your reply is very useful and encourages me. I want a quick reply,
> even if it is "I don't know", or something.

Please understand that we are all volunteers and often cannot spare the
time even to read your message at all and send any reply whatsoever.  Give
us a chance and don't get discouraged.  (Myself I often don't have time to
read a word of hurd mail during the week, and only get to it on free

>   I have a question: I can't find where the code that you mean exists.
> Please tell me which file includes that.

I assume you are referring to grub?  There is a copy of the latest grub
dist available at ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grub-0.5.tar.gz.
(The the other things mentioned are all in the hurd source.)

>   I've already implemented bunzip2 engines for exec, serverboot and
> libstore, and I have checked that serverboot can bunzip2 successfully,

That's great news!  Thanks a lot for this work!  I wish you had mentioned
earlier what you were working on.  Are you using libbz2?

Note that the gzip support in exec was a quick hack for making boot
floppies, and I did it before zlib was available to provide a clean way to
reuse the gunzip code. 

> but exec cannot. So, I don't want to open this code yet. Please wait
> until exec can do it.

Please stop thinking this way!  That is, please share your code (and ideas)
early and often!  We will all understand that the code is a work in
progress and not judge you or the contribution based on the state of the
code on any given day.  But working in secret does no good to anyone.  We
are making our own development code available as openly and frequently as
time and resources permit, and being open and public with our plans.  The
reason there have not been new snapshots in a while is not that we are
carrying on development and not telling anyone about it, it's just that our
time has been very constrained lately and we have not in fact had the
opportunity to do much in the last several weeks.  (The statement earlier
that the main discussion takes places on other, private, mailing lists is
not really accurate; we do have private mailing lists, but they too have
been very quiet lately.)

Please, I encourage everyone who is doing or considers doing some hacking
on the Hurd, don't be silent!  If you start hacking on something, tell us
about it!  The more we know about what you are doing, the more help we can
be, and the more your enthusiasm can inspire others to hack too.

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