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Re: question about HP Visualize B2000

Hello Thibaut,

On 14.05.2015 20:28, Thibaut Varène wrote:
Le 12 mai 2015 à 14:19, Helge Deller <deller@gmx.de> a écrit :
Claudio, I assume your B2000 machine has one of the  FX/2, FX/4, FX/6, FX/E, FX/5 and FX/10 PCI cards. Those are not supported.
Only "HP Visualize EG" graphic cards are supported and will give you X11.

In non-accelerated, painfully ugly mode only.


The only other option is to run a remote X display.

Which is what I sometimes do...
I got a few B2000 myself, and all of them had a FX/something built-in.
On Linux you can run "lcpci -v" and check the output. It should then list which PCI cards are in your machine.

On the other side, I don't see a reason why you want to run X11 on such old hardware.
Based on the power- and noise-consumption, it does not make any sense to run X11 nowadays on hppa.


You have all applications on a x86_64 based PC/Laptop (or Mac) as well, and it's much faster.

And you have here the best argumentation for why it doesn’t make any
sense to keep running HPPA machines today. Was it really your intent? :)

Yes, I won't use a hppa machine today as desktop/workstation replacement.
The new hardware is so much faster, at least when you are using graphical desktops.

But hppa machines are at least nice as web-, mail- and other type of server-service machines.

It’s obvious you don’t run HPPA hardware today « because it makes
sense ». Whether someone wants to run Firefox or Nethack on hardware
that doesn’t make any sense anyway, is entirely their choice, IMO ;)

The fun part with Linux (e.g. on hppa) is, that you can at least try to do things which others don't do.


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