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Aw: Re: question about HP Visualize B2000

Hi Claudio,

> On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 1:38 PM, Claudio Cailotto
> <claudio.cailotto@alice.it> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I’m Claudio and I write from Verona/Italy.
> >
> > I need a suggestion about an old HP PARISC workstation ( B2000 ) that I wish restore to new life with Debian release.
> >
> > I’have install , of course , some release of Debian ( from 5 to 7 ) and some OpenBsd and Gentoo.

Why not "Debian 8" ?  See: https://parisc.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Debian_Ports_Installation

> > All setting  it’s ok : partitions on the HDD’s ; root; time; net on DHCP etc etc... BUT I can’t run X !!!!
> Claudio,
> You need to use a "frame buffer" (stifb?) driver - this is all
> software graphics - no HW acceleration. I used a B2000 as my desktop
> (running hppa-linux with X) over 10 years ago.
> Please search the the linux-parisc mailing list archives (see
> https://parisc.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page for more info), I'm
>  we've posted details of xorg.config files/etc that worked on B2000.
> And even if the original parisc-linux.org pages are obsolete, still
> useful to read so you know what once-upon-a-time worked:
>    http://www.parisc-linux.org/faq/graphics-howto.html

Actually, all content was migrated to our new wiki at kernel.org. See here:

Claudio, I assume your B2000 machine has one of the  FX/2, FX/4, FX/6, FX/E, FX/5 and FX/10 PCI cards. Those are not supported.
Only "HP Visualize EG" graphic cards are supported and will give you X11.
I got a few B2000 myself, and all of them had a FX/something built-in.
On Linux you can run "lcpci -v" and check the output. It should then list which PCI cards are in your machine.

On the other side, I don't see a reason why you want to run X11 on such old hardware.
Based on the power- and noise-consumption, it does not make any sense to run X11 nowadays on hppa.
You have all applications on a x86_64 based PC/Laptop (or Mac) as well, and it's much faster.


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