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Re: open issues with the hppa port

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 1:06 PM, dann frazier<dannf@dannf.org> wrote:
>> I think the way forward is:
>> * You get me a console trace.
>> * I give you an instrumented kernel/initrd.
>> * Repeat.
> *nod*

Trimming CC.

> fyi, now that I've started logging the console, penalosa has become
> strangely stable:
> dannf@penalosa:~$ uptime
>  16:57:22 up 1 day, 20:00,  2 users,  load average: 1.99, 2.46, 2.30
> The first several boots on this kernel wouldn't make it more than an
> hour or two.

Hey! Problem solved! ;-)

Please keep me updated on any crashes.

How many debian buildd's are there for hppa? What are their names?
What hardware are they? Can you get me a detailed list?

>> Are you allowed to boot a kernel/initrd that I send you?
> I don't see why not, assuming these changes don't add a risk of
> producing bad binaries.

To be safe, I think we should be throwing away the packages built when
running the instrumented kernel. Is there a way we can do that? Can
you find that out for me?


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