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Re: open issues with the hppa port

On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 2:29 PM, Luk Claes<luk@debian.org> wrote:
> Did I miss a plan or was there no real plan written down?
> I'm especially thinking of some kind of milestones and deadlines about
> the nptl transition and the buildd kernel problems.
> AFAIK the nptl transition is currently being tested, though what are the
> remaining pieces and how long will the remaining steps take?

As the glibc hppa ports maintainer I can commit to the following NPTL
transition plan:

* August 30th, completed NPTL rewrite to support debian partial upgrades.
* August 31st to September 19th testing including complex test cases.
* September 20th to 29th integration with debian-glibc package.
* September 30th, NPTL transition complete.

Aurel, is this timeline OK with you?

> Some of the buildd kernels still cause segfaults, it would be good to
> have an idea what's been done for them and how long you estimate it to
> take to solve them.

Dave, Kyle, Dann,

What's the most stable configuration we can create for the buildds,
even if it means crippling them with UP kernels?

> I also like to include a small list of packages that were updated to fix
> an RC bug (in testing), but are currently failing to build on hppa (even
> if they also fail on other arches):
> * acpica-unix

Debugging this shows that a segfault in the testsuite prevents the
package from building successfully. The segfault is due to a
uninitialized field in a structure, which is then accessed as a
string. This looks like a clear cut FTBS.

In fact the FTBS is already filed:

> * classpath
> * gforth

I'll add these to my list of packages to look at.

Current work queue is:
* glibc NPTL migration.
* Investigate kernel stability
* ruby1.9
* petsc
* xmms
* classpath
* gforth

If you want anything in that order changed, please say so.


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