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Re: D-I: please test daily builds for detection of devices on HPPA bus

On Thursday 14 May 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> It would be great to get confirmation that automatic device detection
> works. If you have relevant hardware, please give one of the daily
> built images of the installer a try:
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/

I've been seeing seemingly random build failures for HPPA for the dailies:
Unpacking cdebconf-udeb (from udebs/cdebconf-udeb.udeb) ...
*** glibc detected *** dpkg: corrupted double-linked list: 0x00100da0 ***
dpkg: error processing udebs/cdrom-checker.udeb (--unpack):
 subprocess dpkg-split killed by signal (Aborted)
Errors were encountered while processing:

This seems to be happening regularly, but not consistently.

This looks fairly serious and should be investigated. Quite likely porter 
help will be needed.

Question: had the D-I buildd maintainer already seen this and taken 

If yes, then a message to d-boot that the problem was being worked on 
would have been appreciated.
If no, then who is taking care of monitoring the daily builds? 
Centralizing daily builds is all very nice, but not if they are then 

The only reason I noticed is that I've been checking daily builds for HPPA 
because I uploaded some arch-specific changes.

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