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D-I: please test daily builds for detection of devices on HPPA bus

Thanks to the upstream kernel work by Helge Deller, the kernel/udev should 
now be able to automatically detect devices on the HPPA bus.

In the Lenny and earlier versions of the installer, driver modules for 
such devices [1] would always be loaded by the installer and added to
/etc/initramfs-tools/modules for the target system. This code has now been 

It would be great to get confirmation that automatic device detection 
works. If you have relevant hardware, please give one of the daily built 
images of the installer a try:

Note that the 2.6.29 kernel, which is needed for the automatic detection, 
is not yet available in testing. So if you install Squeeze a reboot into 
the target system will fail.
For a full installation test you'll need to install Sid. Use either a 
netboot or businesscard image and boot with 'priority=medium' and select
"unstable" during mirror selection, or boot with 'mirror/suite=unstable'.

Please CC debian-boot when reporting the results.


[1] E.g. devices using the lasi_82596, lasi700 and zalon7xx modules.

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