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Re: help needed on installing Debian 4.0 on A180C

On 17-jul-2007, at 19:08, Grant Grundler wrote:

On Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 01:04:38AM +0200, Angelo Machils wrote:

On 16-jul-2007, at 20:24, Grant Grundler wrote:

On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 08:44:49AM +0200, Angelo Machils wrote:
I'm sorry to say so, but apparently it *is* possible. uname -r gives
me a 2.4.xxxxx kernel as response. I did do an install of 3.0r4 and
*then* a dist-upgrade to 4.0rx, perhaps that is the reason.

It is. AFAICT, parisc will not replace the kernel in any sort of upgrade.
You have to modify palo.conf by hand to point at the new kernel and
run "palo" manually.

Ahhhh okay, I understand :) Well, the fact that I have to modify the file. But that would mean that there should already be a new kernel somewhere on the /boot partition?! Which is just not (yet) included in the conf file?

yes, there should be - assuming /boot was created and mounted properly.
If not, hunt for the right linux-image (32-bit UP) and install it.

The /boot has been created and is mounted, but I thought I made it 100mb and it's in fact 42mb, so I guess it's too small, because there is no 2.6.xx kernel :(

BTW, for now, do not use 2.6.18 SMP kernels. I believe fixes went into
2.6.22 that help make parisc SMP stable again.

Would SMP kernels be even installed on a A180C, which is not a
multi-processing box?!

probably not. But this is going to a mailing list...warning is for others too.

Makes sense :)

My sources.list now is:
debian1:/etc/apt# more sources.list

deb cdrom:[Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 r0 _Etch_ - Official hppa DVD Binary-3
19:19]/ unstable contrib main

Ok. I just find it odd that "unstable" is used for etch DVD builds.
Normally I would expect to see "stable" or "testing" (for prerelease) there.


I can't answer that one, I jsut state was is said in the sources.list.

I also tried to add 2 SCSI cards, a Adaptec 29160 and a Compaq (Adapted 3960D) with a Seagate 18Gb Atlas V (wide) drive, but here I see the same as with the IDE/SATA controler, the card is seen but not the drive :( I was hoping I could use this drive since it's newer, and wide drives are more available to me than the standard drives inside the box. Any ideas?

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