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Re: libc6 2.3.5-3 crashes 3.0.14a-6

Joel Soete schrieb:
> [...]
>    o with (cvs dated 20050626) build with gcc-4.0: the 
> system panicing while 'make menuconfig' ??
>    o with 2.6.12-pa0 (also build with gcc-4.0): system panicing again 
> at the same place [...]
>    o with system didn't panicing anymore but 'make' did a 
> 'Segmentation fault'
> but no other 2.6.10 in stock to check if it helps more like for you and 
> samba ;-(

Well, from the list of packages that were updated on Monday
I'm quite sure that libc triggered the problem.

Anyway, samba was not the only application that crashed.
The other one was apt-get. :-)
dpkg (and about everything else) worked fine, though.
I had to manually browse the package repository and download the

The last 24 hours the machine had no problems running samba,
nfs and apache2. Next weekend I'll probably try a new custom
kernel based on the configuration of the running Debian kernel.

Sorry I can't say more.

post tenebras lux. post fenestras tux.

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