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Re: libc6 2.3.5-3 crashes 3.0.14a-6

Alexander Bartolich wrote:
> [...]
> $ uname -srm
> Linux 2.6.12-pa2c parisc
> The kernel is custom build.

Problem vanished after installing Debian's 2.6.10-1-32.

The last Debian kernel I tried (2.6.8) did not boot at all
on my C240. Grant Grundler then was so kind to direct me to
a working configuration on his site.

Once again I can't give a reasonably description of the problem.
The diff between config-2.6.10-1-32 and my custom config-2.6.12-pa2
is about 1300 lines. And the amateurish tweaks I applied to the
kernel config from one upgrade to the other sure don't help.

Anyway, testing/unstable is once again running fine.

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