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Re: [mc - Midnight Commander] new release for hppa

On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 08:38:58AM +0100, SteX wrote:
> Do you want me to build the same pkg with the `hppa64-linux-gcc' and
> provide it to you all?
> Or is it enough for the Debian purpose to have the 32-bit binary?
> Thank you in advance for your answer.

32-bit is sufficient right now - thanks.

64-bit user space isn't working (yet). 

> I appreciate any comment or critic on the mc pkg; Ludovic Drolez asked to
> co-maintain the pkg for x86.
> Is it the case to have also an `official' uploader for hppa?

Sorry - I don't understand the question - someone else will likely
have to answer anyway.


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